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The Energy Gold Rush

These are challenging times for business. There’s fierce competition, resource constraints, rising energy prices and tight margins. And let’s not forget the urgent need to curb emissions amidst regulatory uncertainty. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a pot of gold waiting to be mined energy efficiency. We think energy efficiency will create the equivalent of the next gold rush, with plenty of value on all levels – environmental, financial and social.

Reference: Envizi –

LEMS aligns with our valued clients to leverage their resources and access the benefits this Gold rush brings, starting with energy and spilling over into water, waste and renewables. To start just call and we will show you the way and walk the path with you.

What Our Clients have to say

Thank you LEMS Sustainability Solutions for helping us. In grateful recognition of your support of Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust & The Vodacom “Change The World” Campaign.
Peter Barendse, Project Manager, Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust
The installation cost R203 614 and resulted in a 46% drop in consumption. The pilot at BMW Menlyn saw an energy champion appointed to communicate with staff and promote an energy saving culture. In total CMH Group has invested R2.5 million that has resulted in a staggering saving of R14.8 million thus far.
CMH Group, ETA Awards 2013 Runner Up

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Our Clients

Significant Savings in any Business

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Who Are LEMS Energy Management


LEMS believes that the best results can be achieved through a holistic approach where sound technological know how and leading edge technology are aligned to an organisation’s strategy to bring about sustainability and substantial results.
LEMS established in 1991, started out as a supplier of lamps and light fittings to the commercial and industrial markets. Has evolved into a full service, Holistic Sustainability solution and Energy Management partner to Business’.
LEMS, in conjunction with its Technology partners assist and partner with companies to manage risk and uncertainty related to Sustainability by using a proven techno, Carbon and Energy. Using a proven technology platform and methodology to capture and manage sustainability data. Helping companies Measure, Manage and positively reduce their carbon footprint as well as energy costs.


LEMS’ vision is to meet our customer’s needs, through the intelligent supply and application of leading edge technology, to bring about, Sustainable economic, environmental and social change as a leader in Sustainability and energy management in Africa.


LEMS’ offering is constantly in a process of growth and improvement and includes:

  • Measurement & Verification (Including Tax Rebates)
  • Metering – Energy, water, carbon
  • Energy Audits
  • Sustainability Audits
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Tariff Analysis claims and optimisation
  • Utility Bill verification
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Financing & Rebates
  • Automation
  • EE Lighting & Sensors
  • Carbon Footprint / Sustainability Reporting
  • Solar solutions
  • Battery back-up systems
  • Water recycling
  • Water meters
  • Efficient hot water systems.


Home Ideas Centre, Office Suite 6,
11 Sunrock Close,
Sunnyrock Ext 2,
Germiston, 1401

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 627 Bedfordview 2008


+27 11 450 1495/1513


+27 11 450-1751

Toll Free Line:

0860 CARBON (227 266)

Our Partners


Below is just some of the reasons as to why LEMS is the best choice for any business


Holistic approach ensures all aspects evaluated as a whole allowing a progressive and informed decision making process when choosing and implementing solutions.


A single point of contact and accountability. LEMS aligns its performance measures with your strategy ensuring what is implemented brings about strategic change in your business.

Fully Integrated

Full service partner with proven ability and case histories, means partnering with LEMS you will get the latest and best technology providing the optimal benefit to your business at an attractive return on investment.

Long Term Support

LEMS becomes a strategic partner showing your goals now and into the future. Allowing you to:

Time Effective

Reduce time and cost to manage and bring about improvement in sustainability and significant reduction in energy costs.

Client Savings Focused

Drive operational efficiency and cost savings.

Clear Reporting

Deliver up to date financial grade business and compliance reporting.

Pay Backs

Verify ROI and pay back on energy and sustainability initiatives.

Our dynamic team is friendly and dedicated to assist you with your requests. We strive for a high standard in the industry, to set us apart from the rest. Rest assured, you get your money’s worth in terms of service delivery and efficiency.



Sustainability is achieved if what you are doing is economically feasible, ecologically sound, culturally adapted and socially just. LEMS’ holistic solution ensures that whatever project is implemented, it addresses the three spheres of sustainability.


South Africa’s provider of electricity is Eskom which means your bill is subject to the tariffs put in place by your municipality. It is common knowledge that billing discrepancies can occur should there be no monitoring processes in place.
We at LEMS can provide you with the facilities to dispute your billing claim and ensure you are liable according to the correct tariff. This process includes the installation of our independent meters to read alongside the council meter, this data is then analysed via our high end analysis software, ENVISI TM


Water is a scarce resource in South Africa, with dam levels constantly fluctuating across the country and the recent drought and extreme water restrictions in the Western Cape. It is therefore our duty to ensure our usage is efficient and that we are billed accordingly. LEMS can offer solutions for you to achieve these goals, through our installation of water meters and analysis of bills. Contact us for a tailor-made solution.

Renewable Energy

  • Hybrid Generation
  • Biomass
  • Solar
  • Wind

It is in our best interest to utilise renewable energies, in order to reduce our escalating carbon footprint. We at LEMS can offer you custom solar PV solutions to help you reach your sustainability goals, as well as achieving optimal cost and energy efficiency.We are currently exploring other alternatives of renewable technologies, which we will be able to offer you in due course.

Our Clients

Case Histories

Below are some of the amazing solutions that have been implemented by LEMS

ABSA Nationwide


Energy Efficient Lighting ,Occupancy Sensors

Return on Investment:

24 Month Payback

Eskom Bloemfontein


Energy Efficient Lighting ,Occupancy Sensors

Return on Investment:

18 Month Payback

Eskom Benoni


Energy Efficient Lighting, Occupancy Sensors

Return on Investment:

18 Month Payback

CMH Group


Measurement and Verification, Behaviour, Modification, Water wise car washes, Automation, Occupancy/ Daylight Harvesting Sensors, Lighting

Return on Investment:

10 Month Payback

Water Saving:




Measurement and Verification Power Factor Correction Wireless Automation Sensors and Daylight Harvesting

Return on Investment:

7 Month Payback

Energy Saving:


Jaguar / Landrover


Measurement and Verification Power Factor Correction Wireless Automation Sensors and Daylight Harvesting

Return on Investment:

7 Month Payback

Energy Saving:




Measurement and Verification Power Factor Correction Wireless Automation Sensors and Daylight Harvesting Selected LED Installations

Return on Investment:

5 Month Payback

Energy Saving:


Vodacom Techno Centre


Measurement and Verification Power Factor Correction

Return on Investment:

7 Month Payback

Energy Saving:


Vodacom Century City


Energy Efficient Lighting ,Occupancy Sensors

Return on Investment:

18 Month Payback

Energy Saving:

28.7 MWh per Month

Vodacom Pier Place


Energy Efficient Lighting ,Occupancy Sensors

Return on Investment:

9 Month Payback

Energy Saving:

1.15 Mw Saving

Goldfields Germiston


Automation, Energy Efficient Lighting ,Occupancy

Return on Investment:

11 Month Payback

Energy Saving:


Our Partners

Carbon Systems an independent Verification company – Envizi comes into its own in that it provides intelligence on as wide a scope of your energy and carbon footprint from basement to boardroom seamlessly through data harvesting. Thus, there is no resource requirement from you.
Your projects and baseline are provided real time via a username and password logon. We recommend that Envizi is initiated prior to the implementation of any initiates.
The system when linked to contestable tariff check meters and account data captured provides the following:


We work with a variety of metering and sub-metering systems to automatically capture data into Envizi from a wide range of sources.

Ecowatt has developed a range of energy management devices. These are powered radio devices that communicate to and from the Cloud Hub.
The system allows the user to control, schedule and monitor a multitude of devices such as lighting, appliances and air-conditioning etc. via a web interface.

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Our Clients

World Enviromental Days



World Wetlands Day

02 February


Plant a Flower Day

12 March

World Water Day

22 March

Earth Hour

24 March


Fossil Fools Day

01 April

International Plant Appreciation Day

13 April

Primrose Day

19 April

Earth Day

22 April


International Day For Biological Diversity

22 May

Water a Flower Day

30 May


World Enviromental Day

05 June

World Oceans Day

08 June


World Population Day

11 July



International Day For the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Day

16 September

World Car Free Day

22 September

World Rivers Day

30 September


World Animal Day

04 October

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

13 October


America Recycles Day

15 November


National Mountain Day

11 December

Contact Info

LEMS Energy Management
Home Ideas Centre, Office Suite 6,
11 Sunrock Close,
Sunnyrock Ext 2,
Germiston, 1401

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 627 Bedfordview 2008

P: +27 11 450 1495
Fax: +27 11 450 1495
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