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About Us

LEMS believes that the best results can be achieved through a holistic approach where sound technological know how and leading edge technology are aligned to an organisation’s strategy to bring about sustainability and substantial results.
LEMS established in 1991, started out as a supplier of lamps and light fittings to the commercial and industrial markets. Has evolved into a full service, Holistic Sustainability solution and Energy Management partner to Business’.
LEMS, in conjunction with its Technology partners assist and partner with companies to manage risk and uncertainty related to Sustainability by using a proven techno, Carbon and Energy. Using a proven technology platform and methodology to capture and manage sustainability data. Helping companies Measure, Manage and positively reduce their carbon footprint as well as energy costs.  


LEMS’ vision is to meet our customer’s needs, through the intelligent supply and application of leading edge technology, to bring about, Sustainable economic, environmental and social change as a leader in Sustainability and energy management in Africa.


LEMS’ offering is constantly in a process of growth and improvement and includes:    

    • Measurement & Verification (Including Tax Rebates)
    • Metering – Energy, water, carbon
    • Energy Audits
    • Sustainability Audits
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Tariff Analysis claims and optimisation
    • Utility Bill verification
    • Energy Management
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Financing & Rebates
    • Automation
    • EE Lighting & Sensors
    • Carbon Footprint / Sustainability Reporting
    • Solar solutions
    • Battery back-up systems
    • Water recycling
    • Water meters
    • Efficient hot water systems.