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During the past six months the Group has begun a process of measuring electricity consumption at its larger dealerships. Meters have been installed and the reductions generated by the use of more efficient lighting, automated timing devices and increased awareness of previously wasted consumption are regularly monitored. In the initial phase, consumption in some dealerships has been reduced by up to 50%. Over the year ahead the programme will be extended to all dealerships and, once a Group base-line has been established, the directors will be able to report on consumption savings. – Jebb McIntosh 

Intervention: Measurement and Verification, Behaviour, Modification, Water wise car washes , Automation, Occupancy/ Daylight Harvesting Sensors, Lighting
Energy Saving: 2.6 MW /An
Water Saving: 60%
Billing Savings: R 2.1m municipal overbilling identified
Return on Investment: 11 Month Payback