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Carbon Systems an independent Verification company – Envizi comes into its own in that it provides intelligence on as wide a scope of your energy and carbon footprint from basement to boardroom seamlessly through data harvesting. Thus, there is no resource requirement from you.

Your projects and baseline are provided real time via a username and password logon. We recommend that Envizi is initiated prior to the implementation of any initiates.

The system when linked to contestable tariff check meters and account data captured provides the following:


We work with a variety of metering and sub-metering systems to automatically capture data into Envizi from a wide range of sources.

Ecowatt has developed a range of energy management devices. These are powered radio devices that communicate to and from the Cloud Hub.

The system allows the user to control, schedule and monitor a multitude of devices such as lighting, appliances and air-conditioning etc. via a web interface.